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When you think of a fountain, the first thing that may come to mind is that large tiered water fountain located in your town center. Or maybe a chocolate fountain? The second has a better flavor no doubt but we are definitely talking about the former, as they are such beautiful pieces of artwork that are used in so many ways to make our lives more relaxed and comfortable.

You may have arrived here at this page looking for information to spruce up your own outdoor space, or on how to use a fountain in your backyard. However, there are ways for you to incorporate fountains into other areas of your surroundings so visitors and colleagues can also enjoy.

Let’s consider the place you work in. Are you the person who makes the call for larger purchases, such as a fountain? If so, then perhaps you might consider the following.

The first step is to appreciate that fountains are truly great, especially in areas where stress often runs high such as in a hospital, a doctor’s office, or even a financial building. The family visiting the hospital worries about the person they are visiting. The patient waiting to see the doctor worries about what is wrong with him or her. Even the financial institution staff has stress trying to meet the monthly numbers requested of them.

Studies have shown that the incorporation of fountains into indoor or outdoor common locations have very soothing, calming effects. The sound of water dancing allows people to take a few moments to “zen” out and gives them a chance to step back and soothe themselves from within.

Fountains are also a great way to drown out unwanted noises, whether it is a machine nearby or a roadway or railroad outside. They are a wonderful way of making the unwanted disturbances seemingly disappear.

If you are that person who makes the decisions and are still uncertain about adding the additional cost of a fountain, start small. Tabletop fountains are a great choice for indoor waiting rooms, outdoor patios, foyers, hallways, and offices. The soothing sounds of a fountain often makes sleep less restless which could be used in a hospital room. To add one to a patient’s hospital room, you would require the hospital approval but it would probably be okay.

If your company wishes to build a fountain outside your building and have the necessary approvals to do so, then a tiered fountain is probably the way to go. Their multiple tiers offer a louder noise as water flows in addition to creating a beautiful aesthetic landscape for all those who visit.

So maybe it is time to consider a water fountain to de-stress some of the most stressful places in your life! That chocolate fountain could be fun at home, though, too!

Simply check out the "thousands of choices" below and you will see what we mean. When you find the outside garden fountain of your choice, simply order from that page - we have made it easy for you to become an online shopper.

Please take the time to visit our selected merchants on this, our Water Fountain Gardens site, as we have searched out those that we feel have some of the finest indoor and outdoor fountains available. Delivery may vary from merchant to merchant so please ensure they will ship to your country of origin prior to placing your order.

Water Fountain History

The first water fountain or garden fountains known to exist, were in the ancient middle east where the Mesopotamians, on the land between the Tigris and the Euphrates, used water fountains extensively in their garden areas. Shade trees irrigated by the fountains provided protection from the hot summer sun. (It was obviously warm there, as these same people are credited with the invention of ice cream!). ;And like the rest of you, I suspect that solar fountains had not been developed as yet either.

Trevi Fountain in Rome

Trevi Fountain in Rome is the most famous and seemingly beautiful water fountain in Rome and all who visit it must be thoroughly enchanted by the soothing sounds and its warm welcome! For an in-depth look at this piece of water fountain history and other fountains almost as famous, please visit the Famous Water Fountains website which we have linked here for your enjoyment. We thank them for this information and appreciate their allowing us to link to them.

You can do almost the same thing, although not to the same extent (unless you actually have a very large home and courtyard and truly wish to have a large outdoor water fountain.) Today's many modern creations take into account our desire for leisure activities, just like the olden days, and Water Fountain Gardens' many merchants would be more than pleased to assist you in making your yard your very own "roman space" if you desire. Modern or antique, virtually every design for your personal water fountain or birdbath can be found here.

Water fountains have become so incredibly common today that one wonders why did not think of them long ago to bring a sense of serenity and peace into our lives - what could have been simpler?

You could buy a water jet fountain, a lighted water fountain, a solar garden fountain, an outdoor water element, or add a bit of landscaping on your own that incorporates any of these ideas. Whatever the type of fountain you should choose for your space, it will bring you tranquility with that magical sound it produces.

We personally keep our interior water elements small, as we live in a small apartment now and do not have a great deal of space, but we previously had purchased a larger freestanding fountain for the corner of our patio which was easy to install and made a wonderful addition to our small outdoor living area. Wall fountains and waterfalls could be established easily in larger areas.


If you have been dreaming of sitting on the patio or out in the garden, enjoying the fresh air, then you are not alone. People from around the globe do this daily, of course, and a lot of them have come to appreciate the outdoor garden, especially those with some sort of water fountain or pond, for bringing calmness and peacefulness into their lives. Feng shui enthusiasts will make sure their home has a water element placed strategically for the benefit of their health and well being.

According to the art of feng shui, water fountains should be located in the Southeast, North or East section of the outdoor space because Southeast is for prosperity, north is for a person’s life and career choices and East is for health and family. Although it has been said not to locate your fountain in the south part of your garden, due to conflict of heat (fire) with the water element, we believe the south is actually okay for placement.

Whatever you yearn for in your garden space, there should also be a place for a water fountain or at least a bird bath. Water has been the calming effect for centuries and if you should add a bird bath to your outdoor space as well as an outdoor water fountain, you will be in for some very pleasant hours of entertainment.; With all the birds we have in North America, you will not be disappointed at what shows up at your fountain and birdbath.

Water fountains have been available for centuries, as is shown here on WaterFountainGardens.com index page. You do not need to have one quite as large as shown here, but there certainly are many choices for you. There are small ones, tall ones, little ponds with pipes running through them to encourage lily pads and gorgeous water lilies, also known as Nymphaeaceae. There are wall fountains, bird bath fountains, rock garden landscaped fountains, indoor bubble panel fountains, small table fountains, solar fountains, expensive fountains and fountains you can build yourself. The list is endless so why not treat yourself and find out how much enjoyment can be had.

You will see from the extensive fountain choices that there should never be a home without a water fountain for lack of design. There should also never be a pricing issue that would not allow you to have at least a small water element in your home – bringing with it a relaxing atmosphere that will give you many, many hours of contentment. Please visit our pages to find just the water fountain, birdbath or aquarium you are looking for to complete your surroundings.